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Service Visits (Preventative Maintenance)

The importance of frostheave protection is highlighted during the design and construction of coldstores/freezer rooms/blast freezers etc, but is often forgotten soon afterwards

If you have a coldroom or walk in freezer with frostheave prevention in place (i.e. underfloor heater mat or door heating system), then Loheat could visit your site and carry out an inspection visit on these areas.

As designers and manufacturers, we are much more tuned to the technicalities and the performance of the system (than other electrical or refrigeration service providers may be).

We have teams of engineers who visit companies (UK Mainland only) and carry out these inspection visits to check that the frostheave prevention systems are working satisfactorily (whether manufactured by ourselves or someone else).

The inspection visits consist of:

  • Checking the integrity of each heater element circuit (resistance and insulation)
  • Checking that the heater mat control system is functioning correctly (i.e. the transformer and sensor probes)
  • Checking that the heater mat power levels are correct, tested and recorded

We then submit a full report to you on our findings and recommendations.

Please note that we will always require 3-4 weeks notice to arrange the first inspection visit, which can then become an annual inspection visit.

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