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Loheat Coldstore products: Ramp Heating Systems

Loheat low voltage door and threshold heating systems are one of the most reliable and widely used methods for providing continuous access through hinged and sliding doors for all type of low temperature stores. Loheat door heaters operate on low voltage for maximum safety and long life and are designed to operate at a temperature of a few degrees above freezing point.

Stainless steel heating elements are used throughout and the threshold heaters employ 10 gauge wire for additional strength and long life. Each system is tailor-made to fit opening size specified and full fitting and wiring instructions are provided. Where ramp heating in addition to threshold heating is required full layout drawings are produced to enable the tailor-made elements to be fitted under the top screed. Elements employ 10 gauge stainles steel wire and are connected by cold tails to a thermostatic control unit via a bus bar chamber.

  • Ideal for any hinged or sliding door that requires continuous heating
  • Systems available for all low temparature applications
  • Easy to install - no rebating necessary
  • Robust stainless steel heating element - safe in all applications
  • Operates on proven Loheat low voltage transformer
  • The Loheat system can be used as replacement for any other installation