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Frost Heave Prevention Systems

Loheat Frost Heave Prevention Systems are designed to effectively prevent the build up of ice in the ground which can lead to frostheave in cold stores & blast freezers. This thermostatically controlled heat barrier will effectively prevent permafrost from reaching the base concrete in the coldstore.

Each heating system is individually designed by our in-house CAD Team who will provide detailed support every step of the way.

Loheat modular system: Polyfoam boards, 25mm or 12mm thick, high compressive strength and moisture resistant.

We design, manufacture and install heating systems, low voltage and mains, to suit any size of cold store.

LOHEAT 25mm & 12mm Modular Heater Mats – Low Voltage

  1. Suitable for all cold room applications.  The modular mat system comprises of the heater wires set into a foam board, and with its ability to be re-used, makes it the most cost-effective choice available. The mat system does not interfere with the assembly of modular cold stores.  They are simply laid onto any smooth level concrete or tile floor.
  2. Modular heating boards eliminate the need for sand/cement top screed and fixings are not required into the base concrete.
  3. Modular mats are as versatile as your cold room and are constructed from 350 grade Polyurethane insulation material which carries our special heavy duty stainless steel heating wires sheathed in PVC. These are thermostatically controlled to maintain the exact temperature level completely automatically.
    below is an example of a design for a small store

LOHEAT Mains System

  • 12mm flame resistant boards with 3mm silicone rubber coated heater wire

LOHEAT Traditional Heater Mats - Low Voltage

  • Constructed from our High Grade heavy duty 3.2mm stainless steel sheathed in PVC to 6mm.
  • Easily installed by either Loheat engineers or other qualified operators, to full working drawings and instructions individually prepared for each site.

             below is an example of a design for a small store

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