Entrapment Alarm Systems for Coldstores - Loheat

Loheat Coldstore products: Entrapment Alarm Systems for Coldstores


Another safety product from LOHEAT, the leading manufacturer of anti-frostheave heater mats, door heating systems, air pressure equalising valves etc.

  • Powerful red flashing alarm siren 
  • Easy and quick reset
  • Easy installation and wiring
  • Tested to –40°C
  • 2 million cycles switch
  • Permanent comfort light for panic free location by employees
  • Alarm switch operated by red plastic coated steel wire
  • Red reassurance light when alarm activated
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Luminous operating instructions


General specification

The internal control box is IP56 rated and mounted on a stainless steel back plate for easy wall fixing. The unit incorporates a heavy-duty pull switch tested to -40°C and 2 million cycles. A comfort location light continuously illuminates the alarm pull cable (red plastic coated 4mm steel wire) and a clearly marked red warning light switches on when the alarm is activated. Concise alarm operating instruction labels are fluorescent. All thimbles, ferrules, eyebolts and shackles are stainless steel.

The external control box is also IP56 rated and incorporates a 1OOdb red flashing siren. All functions and instructions are clearly marked. The reset button is IP67 rated.


When the red alarm cable is pulled, a relay latches inside the external box and activates the red flashing alarm siren. The red neon on the internal box lights up, reassuring the trapped person that the alarm has been activated outside the cold room.

The whole alarm system is switched off and reset by pressing the "reset" button on the external box. A warning to first inspect the room is clearly shown.