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Loheat Coldstore products: Door Frame Heater Systems

Using Low Voltage Stainless Steel Strip (in 6mm/12mm/25mm widths)

3-sided layout
Diagram showing positioning of 12.5mm stainless steel heating element enclosed in a polyester film envelope, fixed to 3 outer faces of the door jamb

4-sided layout
showing typical application of 25mm tape. In all cases, heating elements are terminated within our robust, splash-proof steel connection box

3-sided layout with separate threshold/ramp heater mat
Threshold mats are easily installed under the top screed & recommended for all external openings.
Ramp heaters are separate for internal/external use. Wire elements are embedded in top screed and designed to order.

Door heating elements are manufactured from 39 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel strip to BS1449.  Elements are enclosed between two layers of polyester tape. The elements are available in 3 standard widths of 6mm, 12mm & 25mm. 

Protection against operational damage should be provided by 1.6mm thick plates of either aluminium alloy, galvanised or stainless steel, screwed to the door jamb. Threshold heaters are made from heavy duty stainless steel wire sheathed in PVC, made up into a grid formation for installation under the top screed.

Loheat low voltage transformers have full fuse protection onthe input & output with warning light & variable tappings for different loading requirements.

Power requirement 240volt AC 50Hz single phase supply