Loheat - Farm & Dairy Division

Loheat Spare Parts

Spare parts available for our main products. Please call or email for full details or to order.

Various Consumable Spares

We still hold in stock a variety of spares for our older ranges

of water heaters/heat recovery units etc.

eg BWAC, CCH, LWH, President, Ambassador, Envoy.

Please contact our sales desk for more information.

Submersible & Superjet Pump Spares

  • Float switches,Impellers etc
  • Mechanical seals, impeller nuts, capacitors etc
  • Motor cases & windings



Please contact our sales department for a catalogue

and prices


We carry a vast range of spares for our water heaters, pumps, washdown  systems, Teat Spray Systems, etc. including Incalloy elements (3kw to 12kw) timeclocks, combistats, springs & hoppers for old DeLaval feeders (see below) and much more.

Please contact our sales desk for more information


Redring Autosensor

Water heater with infra-red sensor to give hygienic hands-free operation when washing hands.

Soap Dispenser

1 Litre dispenser to take soap

Handwash Soap

1 litre of Antibac Soap 1600+ washes.
Available singly or in cartons of six.


Professional Adjustable Spray Gun

Metal body, satin chrome plated.

  • Front lever with easy lock
  • Brass front adjustor
  • Adjustable from jet to spray
  • Very strong & durable
  • 15mm hosetail